Stake, Earn and Secure Elrond Network with RosettaStake with only 10% Fee

You are an eGLD holder and you want to earn more but you don't want to run and maintain a validator node. We can help you! Our fee is only 10% and our Nodes are fully backed up

What we do


We believe blockchain technology is the key to the future. So we always try to learn and understand it deeply. Currently we're focusing on Elrond Network. Join us!


We are running servers for staking and running a pool on Elrond Network. We believe that Elrond Network will be a game changer in blockchain ecosystem.


By staking eGLD, we are earning eGLD everyday. If you are an eGLD holder and you want to participate in the network, you can delegate to our pool and earn too.

Stake and Earn

You can run a node yourself or delegate your eGLD to a Staking Provider. Play with the parameters below to know your APR. Rosetta Stake fee is 10%

Your Delegation: 1 eGLD

Network Total Stake: 8 000 000 eGLD

Pool Top-up Stake: 0%

Staking Provider Fee: 10%

Your APR


You earn


0.0006 eGLD


0.0042 eGLD


0.0181 eGLD


0.2196 eGLD
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About Us

We are software engineers, entrepreneurs who strongly believe in Elrond Network and Blockchain Technology. We started Rosetta Stake with the intention of becoming not just a Staking Provider but also a place where we can share our knowledge to help people learn about Elrond Network and Blockchain Technology.
With all of our skills, knowledge and experiences, we strive to become a great Staking Provider and contribute our best to the Blockchain community.
Let's "Learn Stake Earn"!

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